memnus: Me with my bow at full draw, with quote "Just Dynamic Tension" (Dynamic Tension)
Brian ([personal profile] memnus) wrote2015-03-06 01:10 pm
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Workout log

I love when I can sneak out over lunch. Telecommuting!

Deadlift: 150kg x2 x4. Yes, this is the same as my squat triples. My back is special. I failed reps 6 and 8, distracted by the lifting belt in my hips. Tacked on a 140x2 to finish up.

Conditioning: The premise: round n comprises 2 sets each of 2n+8 thrusters (43kg) and 2n+8 pull-ups. If you finish round n in under 3 minutes, move on to round n+1 - immediately. I honestly did not expect to finish the first round, but I did with 20 seconds to spare... and then could barely lift the bar. I dragged my ass through one more set of thrusters, three at a time, then had something like 40 seconds for pull-ups. I managed a whole six. Yippee.

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