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  • I just filled up this box, then turned off NoScript which promptly reloaded the page. It may have also been preventing the page from saving drafts.
  • As far as the State of Washington is concerned, I'm fully qualified to ride a motorcycle! On a whim, Frances and I took the (state-subsidized) Basic Rider Safety Course, the one that assumes no experience on anything heavier than a bicycle. Despite the rain, and despite my dropping the bike just before the actual test (oooooooops) we both passed! Now I keep looking at Craigslist to drool over bikes that I'd be too terrified to ride. No way in hell will my first bike be something I'll feel guilty about putting a few dings in.
  • After having it pointed out that my lunches were a bit skimpy, I've added "eat enough food at all costs" to the self-care list. So far the only difference I've noticed is not getting hungry at 4:30 every day, which is probably actually a pretty big step. It does lead to unfortunate things like last night's Cheese Bomb Lasagna, but at this point (especially coming into the winter) that beats the alternative.
  • I kinda want a script that picks one of my blog tags and throws it at me as a prompt. It could lead to some interesting things.
  • I started knitting a hooded scarf, and eight rows in decided it was too boring. So I'm learning cables on the fly. And buttonholes. I keep doing projects like this, and the only thing I've actually learned is not to do them on a deadline. Those damn curtains...
  • How is trolling not considered a sociopathic act? (And how does the Firefox spell check not recognize "sociopathic"?) It is literally hurting someone -- as many people as possible -- for your own amusement, because they're funny when they're hurt. Yes, offense and anger are pain responses. When did this become okay? Is it just never framed in that context?


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  1. I was laid low by a stomach flu last week. Spent about twelve hours wishing for death, another twelve terrified of water, and the next twenty-four cringing at the thought of solid food. So, so grateful to [personal profile] quartzpebble for staying home to take me to the doctor. I have no idea where I picked this up, but I don't seem to have passed it along, so yay?
  2. At work I've been writing code way outside of my comfort zone: kernel code that reads and writes directly from the silicon. This is a strange new experience, and kinda terrifying. On the plus side, it's GPL code, so I'll be able to point to it from anywhere and say LOOK I DID THAT.
  3. Qualcomm is changing its name to "Qualcomm Technologies Incorporated". Or maybe it's Qualcomm CDMA Technologies that's changing its name. I've never been clear on all the weird divisions within the company, except that it has something to do with compartmentalizing IP.
  4. I've been going to a Crossfit gym for the last six months, and the difference since then is pretty remarkable. Then again, I'm also starting to wonder if some exercises actually start to hurt less, or if you just stop interpreting those signals as pain.
  5. Lori has two new kittens this week - Ellie, four months old, and Kilo Jack, two months. They're still getting used to the house and to us, and are beyond super adorable. Kilo in particular is half the time a bundle of pouncy energy and half the time just wants to sleep on you.
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I haven't often done this. But it's a legitimate idea: air one's intentions, so the expectations become someone else's and more important to live up to. None of these is particularly life-changing, but I think that's a sign I'm close to an ideal life already.

  • Be active. Bike from work at least three times a week; once there's an actual shower in the office, bike to work as well. If the weekends aren't too rainy, bike then too. At least occasionally, pick up something heavy and put it down again.
  • Archery. Did you notice that's among the first things everyone asks if you're still doing? Yeah. Make the answer 'yes'. Get up to Montlake Terrace at least every other week. Figure out an actual way to set up a target in the backyard and use that too. And enter at least one FITA or similar tournament this summer.
  • Play more games. Take at least an hour a week to use that computer taking up space upstairs, and catch up on all the stories that are being told.
  • Be out. Don't go out of the way to protect others' comfort zones. "It's complicated" is a cop-out, all relationships are complicated, and hiding the unconventional ones does no one any favors.
  • Be political. Don't let cynicism turn to despair, and call out bullshit. And done be afraid to release attachment to your own bullshit - pay at least as much attention to your own failings as others'.
  • Make time for chosen family. You've lucked into an arrangement that you could only have dreamed of, so build on that and make it keep working. it will take work, but it will be worth it.
  • And of course, blog more.

Is that too much to ask?



Jun. 2nd, 2009 10:05 pm
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  • ACG today released an updated version of Neocore to the Android market. It is fully certified to run correctly under Cupcake (or rather, I've certified it so) and is otherwise no different from the previous version. I'm sure you care.
  • The chain on my necklace broke yet again, this time in a way I can't just push it back together. Until I find a new chain, I'm going with braided cotton string for a while.
  • With a couple exceptions, I pretty much want to skip over June and make it July. On second thought, no, weekends in June will still be awesome. It's the weekdays I wouldn't mind skipping. Course, that could go for most months.
  • I finally quit my online D&D game. I'd been playing with that group, as people came and went, for almost ten years.
  • I may actually be digging up the motivation to start getting in shape; the problem is then digging up the time. Some of my coworkers are doing midafternoon gym trips, which might actually work.
  • Relatedly, though, it's surprising how much getting home an hour later in the evenings affects my mood (for the worse).
  • I have some thoughts brewing about livejournal, twitter, facebook, coworkers (/managers), and openness. I'm not sure how they're organized yet.
  • Every now and then the universe reminds me just how thankful I should be for what I've been given. It's ... discomforting.
  • I have two dreamwidth invites if anyone wants them. Claimed!
  • If I were still editing FunWiki, I would add "$(IntentionalCommunity) completion run" to BadIdea. But there's also plenty of completion runs there already.

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I seem to have fallen behind on my Livejournal posting. It seems like I don't have a lot to blather about besides work, though, lately, which is really a shame.

My supply of strenuous physical activity these days seems to begin and end with trips to the climbing gym. On the one hand, this keeps my upper body strength in at least a passable state, and is somewhat more of a balanced (no pun intended) exercise than archery, it doesn't do much for the cardiovascular endurance. Finally getting into lead climbing may do a little for that; actually doing something silly like "getting a bike" would be much better.

Speaking of archery, I haven't been. Like, at all. I have a target in my driveway, and my bow strung in my closet, and will go out and shoot 30-50 arrows maybe once every other week. By the end of that, the skin on my fingertips is extremely unhappy. Competing is out of the question, I'd have a solid week of tuning and hardware fixes ahead of me if I wanted to, and new arrows probably wouldn't hurt either. But unless I figure out a better motivation for it, archery will remain a footnote.

I'm going to San Francisco for GDC next week! It's looking like I'll be able to get evenings free to do whatever, so if you're up for dinner or hanging out I'm absolutely interested. I'll be staying downtown and happy to hop a train to wherever. I'll be in town from Sunday morning to Saturday afternoon (slight change of plans from the original, on account of unexpected San Diego events). My schedule's open unless otherwise noted.

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Well folks, it's time to buckle down. Most nights now I'll have something that must-get-done-before-I-go-home (tonight is the penultimate batch of grading), which is not a state I like but thank gods it's only for less than two weeks. It doesn't bode particularly well for the quality of what comes out, but uh, cope. I'm also breaking into caffiene supplies, in hopes of, you know, staying awake through class. This is a state I like even less, but after April 27th it's no stimulants until June, and after that back to the status quo which isn't all that different.

I suppose it's what I get for moving somewhere with weather: it's fucking snowing again. SNOWING. In LATE APRIL. I realize that this is what happens; I did grow up in Colorado after all. But the weather is supposed to conform to MY needs. It's supposed to be sunny now that I'm sending myself out running; it's supposed to be warm when I need to practice for a tournament in Phoenix.

My Claremont trip was fun, although somewhat clouded when my stomach decided to wake me at 5:30 Saturday morning with some extremely painful complaints, and proceed not to shut up entirely for nearly 24 hours. A good time was still had!

I'm finally comitted to going to USIACs, though perhaps a day too late. I requested the supposed hotel information, and not only is it ridiculously expensive (110/night two miles away, or 89/night 35 miles away??), but the reservation date was yesterday and the default staying nights are offset from my actual schedule by a day. So, on my own for that one. Also will have to rent a car... suck.

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Back when I was a wee lad, my dad got an exercise machine to but in our basement. It mostly just sat there collecting dust, even though he spent several hours (over the course of a few years) trying to get the three men in the family (including himself) to make a habit out of using it. Needless to say, none of us ever did, but I distinctly remember that I had significantly better lower body strength than upper. I could do probably twice to three times as much weight on leg lifts than I could basically anywhere else.

Tonight, I went down to my complex's (complice's?) Fitness Center to poke around, after a good experience with a free day pass to The Front on Monday. After discovering that no, treadmills don't like me, and I don't exactly have a runner's aerobic endurance, I threw myself upon the mercy of the modern torture device weight machine.

Funny how things change. Either this machine's weights were inaccurate, or my father's machine's weights were innacurate (neither possibility one I'd discount), or I've managed to lose leg strength since I was eleven years old. That's right, my lazy-ass prepubescent self may have had better legs than my current self that walks nearly two miles each day.

Or maybe I'm just misremembering.

In any case, it's time for me to lock down the things I need to focus on for the weekend. If I can keep myself from getting sloppy, and shoot at peak performance all weekend, I'll be looking at a placement that people will notice. To that end, I have a list.
  • Breathing. Long, deep, and steady - in as I lift the bow, out as I draw.
  • Posture. Keep my chest straight, and my shoulders directly above my hips. The more I drift left, the uglier things get.
  • Balance. My feet should be supporting equal weight.
  • Correct muscle use. If I feel the pull in my back at full draw, my release will be straight and clean and my hand will go toward my ear instead of my collarbone.
Really, looking at the results that are already out is not particularly productive, but I looked anyway. Out of twelve (or so) locations around the country, only two have posted, and only one has anyone in my division.

For those in the area that think of archery as a spectator sport, Salt Lake Archery is at 1130 E. Wilmington, across from the Wild Oats in Sugarhouse. Scoring starts at 2:00 Saturday and Sunday, and will probably go until 5 or 6; I'll probably be there by 12:30 or 1:00.

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Oi. I've not been functioning properly for much of this week, have I? Illness always has the worst timing... and I have to go run a lab. Suck.



Feb. 4th, 2007 10:23 pm
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I now have something I haven't had in over four years.

No, not angsty makeouts with near-strangers. Nothing that exciting.

I have freshly-ironed clothes. Some articles were really beginning to need it, and I found an iron on sale for $20 and figured what the hell.

Unfortunately, I also have something I've had more often than I'd like, which is a vaguely sore throat and swollen nodes.

I also have a U archery club, it'd seem, which will be good. It's approaching paperwork deadline, but we should still be ok.

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I am normally loathe to throw out food, but there are times i'll make an exception. For instance, at the grocery store today I got an idea for lunch. "Oh," I declared, "I will simply get a hunk of fresh mozzerella, a tomato, and some basil, and the proportions will be correct for a lunch." This started going downhill when I went looking for basil. The only stuff I could find was universally old and limp, with brown leaves interspersed. Not to be deterred, I got the best box I could find, and returned home with the ingredients. Only when I'd gotten halfway through the plate did it hit me just how dense and fatty that cheese really is. A bit queazy, I optimistically boxed up what was left, but when the thought of it was still making me feel sick four hours later, I figured it'd be better to write it off. This also killed my plan for the night, which had been to cook my usual week's worth of food tonight, so that's been pushed back to tomorrow.

The Latter-Day Transvestites opened their season last night with a performance at Heads Up, a local gay bar. It was a tiny room and tinier stage, so we didn't have a lot to work with; I was also activated from understudy to play Riff. I was there plenty early and had a drink (in other news, I've found that I do in fact like hefeweisen) and spent the show staring around creepily while onstage, or shouting lines while offstage. I did come to regret the latter, though, thanks to the smoky air making things even worse for my throat than usual. Then, this morning, we had dress rehearsal.

Yeah, explain that one to me.

I also neglected much of my grading this week, so had to lock myself to the computer for the afternoon and evening to plow through the assignment before the most recent one. I also have all of the most recent one to do, but it being a not-for-credit assignment, there's under twenty to look at. The advantage to me taking on the entirety of these two assignments is that I can have the other TA grade the entirety of the next one, so I'm not trying to do that over a show weekend. Because, yeah.

Apparently I need an actual Rocky icon. My Dynamic Tension icon feels too much like an archery icon. (Should probably remake that one to have a picture with Vera, instead of the old Mizar.)

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Disjointed and maybe long )


Being good

Sep. 3rd, 2006 12:58 pm
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I'm going down to Salt Lake Archery, really this time. I'm also going to pay for the month-long shooting pass; that way I'll guilt myself into at least six practice sessions before the Desert Open. EDIT: They have a post on the bulletin board inside that they're open on Sunday... it's a lie.

Discussion question: Which of the following behaviors, repeated for a year, would be worse for my lungs?
a) Living in Salt Lake City, but going to smoking-allowed clubs on a regular basis
b) Living in the Los Angeles basin

(I ended up back at Area 51 last night after all, and was very glad I did. People are cool.)

Next step: Email the climbing email list and find SoC people to go with.

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So, I went climbing tonight, with a few other NVIDIA interns. I haven't been to an honset climbing gym in probably five years, and my upper-body strength is rather limited. It was also ridiculously crowded when we got there, but I snuck over to the boundering walls to see what I could do. And tomorrow, I will realize the problem with this.

The place is called Planet Granite, which cracks me up for reasons that nobody in the car understood. Thursday I'm going back to get my belay certification, then probably next week I'll get a two-month membership and start looking for shoes and a harness. If I can keep this up over the summer, I'll probably be better off; if I can keep it up in grad school, even better. And increased strength and flexibility certainly can't hurt.

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I have two things now that go a long way towards making this feel like a place to live. First and foremost, I have a cupboard to myself (more than enough space for my dishes and what food doesn't need refrigerating) as well as fridge space, so I can have actual food now. No more living on Cheerios and canned soup! Doesn't mean I'm unpacking the booze, though. I had an honest grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, along with some carrot sticks, and will have actual pasta and sauce for dinner. My current plan is to get nice and used to those two, with variations (maybe meat in the sandwich, switch out the produce, sometimes have fun with the sauce). I don't plan to do much cooking of actual meat, if only to reduce the amount of dishes I have to do. Combining that with glasses of milk and daily vitamins will last me for a bit, until I get bored and start making real food.

Also, I have a bike. Sometime this afternoon or tomorrow, I'll try making the ride to nVidia and back, to see how it'll be. Now all I need is a sleep schedule, and I'm set.

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Attention friends and neighbors:

By hijacking a cable from the box in the lounge, I've made it feasible to plug my desk's speakers into my laptop; using this little setup, I've taken to playing DDR in my room. This involves you in two ways:

Firstly: If at any point this is too loud for your comfort and/or convenience, yell at me. Please.

Secondly: I need to have a conversation with the randomizer about what constitues appropriate songs for moderate aerobic exercise. It currently thinks that Angelfalls is acceptable once the timer on Endless reaches 48 minutes. So if you think that the song coming through your wall is a bit insane for me to be playing, (a) I play on standard for exercise and (b) it's not my fault.

That's all.



Jan. 23rd, 2006 04:18 pm
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Monday and Wednesday are going to kill my knees. Here's where my bike and I get to go:

10-11: Scripps
11-12: Archery range
12-2:30: Free time, so Mudd
2:30-4: Pomona
4-5: Free time, and needing to change clothes, so Mudd
5-6: Dinner
6-7: Scripps
7-10: Student Health Services (mondays only)
10-end: Mudd

That's... ow.

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Skiing is not a thing to do on three hours of sleep. So, here I am, home.



Dec. 28th, 2005 05:28 pm
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While the lack of smog is nice, the lack of oxygen isn't. Ow.

But, +4 catas, and half an hour until dinner.

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In an attempt to somewhat unrotate my sleep schedule, I am now going to bed. Where by bed, I mean sit there and read. But it's a step, right?

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Skiing today. Got up early, despite ugly insomnia last night (a disk worth of Six Feet Under seems to help that, even if it just makes me three hours more tired), and headed out to A-Basin. This, unfortunately, is the sort of resort that caters much more to my father and brother's taste in skiing than mine, that is to say, short bumpy runs rather than long smooth ones. I was feeling pretty dead in the morning, so took a half hour off before lunch, but got back on my feet after that and did pretty well. Those muscles haven't been used in a long time, though, so I'm pretty sore. Never mind that my brother let me try out his slalom skis - 20cm shorter than I'm used to, high bindings and deep edge cuts. All you have to do is look at them funny to make them turn; the problem, then, is that they immediately want to turn back the other way, and you're better off if you let them. This puts a whole lot of work onto your knees and quads.

Came back for a soupy dinner sort of stuff with my dad's closer family - his two sisters and their father. Decent enough crowd, even if my grandfather isn't entirely pleasant to spend long hours with, then a small gift exchange. What should I infer when my brother and I both got "deluxe manicure set"s? I hope it's only that my uncle was having a lot of fun getting random appliance things. On the other hand, it means that I have no choice but to check a bag back to CA - I was pretty full on the way out, and will be returning with Robo-Rally (only small in one dimension of three), a manicure kit (with a few different blades in it), and hopefully the plywood for the pad (if I can figure out how to pack it). It also means that I now have an electric nose-hair trimmer, of all things. Sometimes, I just don't know.

Tomorrow ... well, we'll see.



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