memnus: Me with my bow at full draw, with quote "Just Dynamic Tension" (Dynamic Tension)
Brian ([personal profile] memnus) wrote2015-02-24 06:38 pm
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Workout log

I just lost two weeks of gym time to bad scheduling and lurking depression. To keep myself a little more accountable, I'm going to start keeping a record here. Actual numbers will be under cuts.

Squat: 137 kg x5, 140 kg x5, 142 kg x5. That's right around where I was three weeks ago, so I didn't lose as much muscle as I'd thought. Most of the reps were way high, and my knees kept buckling, but that's not exactly noteworthy.

Bench: 80 kg x5x3. Same weight I did a month ago, and actually finished all the sets this time. My arms are my least consistent muscle groups.

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