memnus: Me with my bow at full draw, with quote "Just Dynamic Tension" (Dynamic Tension)
Brian ([personal profile] memnus) wrote2015-03-04 05:55 pm
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Workout log

I have now been to the gym as many times in March as I did in February.

Front squats: 105kg x3x3. My arm geometry is really suboptimal for holding the bar in that position, so front squats and cleans are killer on my wrists.

Conditioning: x5 @ 4 minutes:
  • bench press 69kg x6
  • kettlebell swings 24kg x15
  • row 400m
Sweet mother of lungfish I am out of shape. Fifteen swings quickly became ten so I would maintain a minute of rest per round, but breathing was still difficult. The best I can say is that I recover quickly.

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