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Brian ([personal profile] memnus) wrote2007-02-21 10:26 pm
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The alternative definition of productive

Would whoever ran away with all the "theory" parts of my brain please return them? I have a GompGeo assignment due on Tuesday. It'd be nice to be able to start it this weekend.

Also, in lieu of working on anything, I got off my ass and sent out two reumes tonight: Pixar and Rhythm and Hues. (Dreamworks didn't have any obvious Software Engineering internships, and I don't think now's the time to be applying for full-time work.) I may have managed to screw myself re. Pixar, though; Monster has this lovely "feature" that when you submit an application that lets you write a cover letter if you haven't already. If you pick it, it pops open TWO windows; one you can write in, one that has a warning about what information it's ready to send about you. If you pick ok on the latter (the obvious PAY ATTENTION TO ME NOW!! kind of box), it decides you're done writing and sends stuff off.

So I submitted a resume with a blank cover letter. Crap. I also can't resubmit.


[identity profile] 2007-02-22 07:23 am (UTC)(link)
Man, that's kind of crap. I had a similar experience lately--I applied for some museum studies internships only to find after I'd left some boxes blank on their online app to fill in later (personal statements and the like) that you couldn't go back and edit the boxes.

Absolutely the worst online application I've ever seen.

Turned out that once you hit the "application complete!" button, it did give you the option to go back and edit things, so I was not so completely screwed, but it gave me more than a couple of days of angry distress.