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Brian ([personal profile] memnus) wrote2007-07-21 04:23 pm

Been quiet lately

Whoa, has it been two weeks since a post (three since an honest one)? Hi, I do still exist. I've been up to various things.

I'm finally entirely out of the Capitol Hill apartment and settled in Sugarhouse. Yes, living alone had its perks - it turns out I'm more anal than I thought I was about a well-maintained kitchen - but at first glance, this "living with people" thing has a lot to say for it. We'll see how that shapes up over the next few months, if my star map decides to stop waking me up every morning by falling on my head. I have reconfirmed, though, that I'm not a dog person.

The problems is that, rumor has it, the owner of the house might be looking to sell it off. I don't know anything solid, but the fear is of course that he'd sell it to someone who'd increase the rent, or even stop renting rooms entirely. Come October, I really don't want to have to look into moving AGAIN, but may have to.

I'll be shooting at National Target Championships in two weeks. I think the goal, ultimately, is not to embarrass myself horribly, but if I get in the zone I think I can surprise some people. I broke my string last week, and cutting it apart revealed that it was twenty strands instead of the sixteen I'd expected. It's no surprise, then, that my backup string shoot so much faster. Needing to resight for that has gotten me off my ass and going out to shoot some real distances; as usual I have some serious mixed results.

The particular range I was shooting uses metal frames to hold up the target butts, consisting of one-inch pipes. My first shot at 90 meters was low, and managed to hit that damn pipe of all things. I heard a loud ringing, and could see the arrow bounce even from that far, but when I went to look at it the arrow was somehow unharmed. The rest of the day was off-and-on, but nothing horrible. I'll be back out tomorrow ... hopefully earlier this time ... to tear up my fingers a bit more.

Really, I could be practicing six days a week at this point, and probably ought to. It does tend to eat up my evenings, though, which I would in all honesty prefer to be doing social things with. I'm now in walking distance of a game store that I believe hosts actual game nights... more related later.

There's two weeks left in summer semester. That's two assignments left to grade (including one I should be doing instead of writing this entry), and a final. Then it's two weeks off, the meat of which I won't be spending here. (For those that were curious, I'll be gone Sunday evening to Saturday evening of the first full week of August, and Monday evening to Saturday evening of the second week.) Then it's onward to fall semester.

I need twelve credits to my M.S., and rumor has it that twelve credits in a semester is not something to be attempted in grad school ... certainly not while trying to TA (i.e. have money), do Rocky, have a life, and keep up with archery. I'm currently signed up for two, and not particularly interested in any of the other fall offerings, but the four-credit Operating Systems class really seems like it ought to be useful for that whole job thing. I also should probably either do that M.S. project sometime, or let Steve know that it isn't happening after all. I suppose I could do three fall classes, then nothing but the project in the spring and concentrate on archery? In any case, now's when I should be getting back in touch with what little club there was in the spring. Some of them may be back in town by now.

No, I don't have a copy of the book at the moment. I did, however, go to the midnight release to hang out with a few people, and when it turned out they could get extras I very nearly went for one. I only resisted because I'm a cheap bastard starving grad student. I do have a picture from the event, though, and a chance to borrow a copy as soon as one of said people finishes it... until then I'm in fear of every metaquote, every email to Schmack, in case someone decides to violate Rule #1.

Barnes & Noble, instead of "not having a release party" like I'd heard, certainly had some stuff going on, mostly staff dressed up as professors and doing things like reading fortunes or running costume and trivia contests. Eventually we headed out to the line (all the way around the store, across the library yard, and out of my sight beyond that) to wait and hang out with people nearby. Marvelously, boredom was staved off when the person in front of us revealed a Fluxx deck! I believe we got through a game and a half before actually learning her name... heh. The line started moving (with fireworks!) at midnight, though we didn't hit the doors until 1 or so. On the way out, it was all we could do to stop Mike (who hasn't read any of the books) from opening to the middle and reading, wondering aloud what things might mean.

I haven't been playing nearly as much NWN2 as I thought I would get to... I only barely reached the second chapter. Thursday was perhaps a poor time for Girl Genius 101 to catch up with the Advanced Class, because it meant a lot of that night and the next morning was burnt finally catching up... but man, add one to the list of dead tree collections I ought to own. My productivity in the lab may have been adversely affected by installing Zangband. Frances was here last week, and we saw the latest Potter movie - it was shiny, but not spectacular.

I imagine I've missed a few things. Oh well.