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Brian ([personal profile] memnus) wrote2013-04-02 10:21 pm
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Mindfulness examination one

I've been reading a lot of feminist or otherwise social-justice-adjacent blogs. They're full of powerful stories, justified anger, and palpable pain, and the least I can do is listen... but reading them is also reading their explanation of who's doing the oppression. And of all the major privileged groups in the US, "Christian" is the only one that I can't make a claim to or easily pass in. That's seductive.

My mind sometimes feels like an echo chamber. Thoughts are words or sentences, represented basically in audio form, but instead of leading one to the next they loop back to themselves and repeat, bouncing over each other and going nowhere. Most of them are petty and trivial, but dangerous, hurtful thoughts bounce there too, getting into shouting matches with sense and/or compassion. Neither surrenders, neither relents, despite knowing which I want to favor. So I keep my mouth shut and try to listen to love.