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Brian ([personal profile] memnus) wrote2007-11-27 07:50 pm
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Somewhere along the line, I forgot that I don't like walking.

There's something about the sky after an evening snowstorm. The clouds linger low, lit from below by city lights and above by a full moon, and somehow it's nothing like the nights I got so used to in Claremont. Maybe it's the cleanness of the air and ground, before the snow has had a chance to get dirty and everything is still white. Maybe it's the mountains so close, rising up against the clouds. Maybe I just feel different this year. Whatever it is, it's about damn time we got some snow.

In honor of my perpetual boredom and neglect of aerobic exercise, I walked down to GameStop to look for a dance pad. Computer gamers take note: a "universal" connector includes Playstation, X-Box, and Wii. Note a distinct lack of USB qua USB - although an X-Box plug is the same pins in different plastic, and Nintendo may well be, no appropriate converter is included in GameStop's store brand pad. Even worse, the store in question doesn't carry anything from Ignition.

They did, however, have Wiis in stock.

No, I didn't get one. I was prepared to spend a certain amount for the reasons listed, but not six times that much. If I get a job next semester, I'll revisit that decision. There's a couple possibilities on the table, two jobs that have about as little to do with each other as penguins and pandas. Disappointingly, they're utterly incompatible.