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I made it safely into San Francisco with no trouble at all (other than perhaps a foolish lack of sleep). The flight was on time, I had a window seat despite Southwest not letting me check in online, and there was only a little roughness on the initial descent. From my front door to my hotel room was under four and a half hours.

Have I mentioned lately that I absolutely love mass transit when it's competently implemented? Hint: If a city has an airport and a rail system, the latter should have a stop at the former.

After an hour to tune in to new surroundings, I grabbed a bite to eat on the way to the Cartoon Art Museum (that last time I was in the city I cursed myself for forgetting). They naturally have an exhibit on Watchmen, including original pages as well as movie props and costumes.

They also have a gift shop.

With books.

I, um, finished out my hard-copy collection of Narbonic, and picked up the first three volumes of Digger. They had Girl Genius as well, but I've already ordered that.

So now I could do three things for the afternoon:

- Explore more of the city
- Actually get some productive work done on my taxes
- Sit by the window and take in the pretty.

Guess which I'm picking, for a bit at least?

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There's something about the sky after an evening snowstorm. The clouds linger low, lit from below by city lights and above by a full moon, and somehow it's nothing like the nights I got so used to in Claremont. Maybe it's the cleanness of the air and ground, before the snow has had a chance to get dirty and everything is still white. Maybe it's the mountains so close, rising up against the clouds. Maybe I just feel different this year. Whatever it is, it's about damn time we got some snow.

In honor of my perpetual boredom and neglect of aerobic exercise, I walked down to GameStop to look for a dance pad. Computer gamers take note: a "universal" connector includes Playstation, X-Box, and Wii. Note a distinct lack of USB qua USB - although an X-Box plug is the same pins in different plastic, and Nintendo may well be, no appropriate converter is included in GameStop's store brand pad. Even worse, the store in question doesn't carry anything from Ignition.

They did, however, have Wiis in stock.

No, I didn't get one. I was prepared to spend a certain amount for the reasons listed, but not six times that much. If I get a job next semester, I'll revisit that decision. There's a couple possibilities on the table, two jobs that have about as little to do with each other as penguins and pandas. Disappointingly, they're utterly incompatible.

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Attention friends and neighbors:

By hijacking a cable from the box in the lounge, I've made it feasible to plug my desk's speakers into my laptop; using this little setup, I've taken to playing DDR in my room. This involves you in two ways:

Firstly: If at any point this is too loud for your comfort and/or convenience, yell at me. Please.

Secondly: I need to have a conversation with the randomizer about what constitues appropriate songs for moderate aerobic exercise. It currently thinks that Angelfalls is acceptable once the timer on Endless reaches 48 minutes. So if you think that the song coming through your wall is a bit insane for me to be playing, (a) I play on standard for exercise and (b) it's not my fault.

That's all.

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I came home this winter, as is my wont, with as little as possible - backpack with books to be read, carryon-sized duffel with a DDR pad and a few choice pieces of clothing.

I'm going back, tomorrow, with two checked bags.

1: Hardfill for DDR pad, clothing wrapped around pad to protect awkward corners, giant blanket wrapped around everything.
2: DDR pad, RoboRally, some of the books I either brought back or acquired here, a manicure kit (still something of a WTF item to me), what little clothing I have that's too nice to be used as padding, Hilary's extra clothes, and yet another pillow.

The second suitcase in fact matches another suitcase I already have, and Dad said he'd rather it be thrown away - the two belonged to my great-grandmother. Such a sentimental person, my father.

How do I get this much stuff? For my last semester, no less.

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By about song 4 of a twelve-song set, the right arrow was just about stuck. I finished off the set (Nonstop, fail off; I've been making sets for exercise rather than badassness) and brought it upstairs to open it up. Rather than just poking at the vinyl underside, I carefully slit up the side to see if there's anything I could do.

The little foamy bit that keeps the two wire meshes apart is literally disintegrating. As I poked at it, there were particles coming off on my fingers. Trying not to touch it too much, I did the only thing I could think to - I outlined that button with thick masking tape, and closed it up. I don't imagine it'll help, but it might do something. Unless masking tape conducts electricity, in which case I'm screwed.

I may be hitting eBay for replacements soon.



Dec. 28th, 2005 05:28 pm
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While the lack of smog is nice, the lack of oxygen isn't. Ow.

But, +4 catas, and half an hour until dinner.

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Finally gave the new hardfill pad a stress test: No good. It got sticky pretty quick, and not even the same arrow that's stuck on that pad before. The sensors also slip around on top of the plywood; that might be fixable by sticking the regular foam underneath the wood. There's currently about an eighth of an inch of foam postery stuff under it, which does nothing to soften the pounding on the floor.

Dropped Frances off at the airport, then headed off to errands for my parents. Library (right at closing; no time to continue my quest for the worst book I can read), Target (windshield wiper fluid that doesn't freeze), and the grocery store. On a crack hungering, I swung through Target's software section, only to catch some marvelous luck: Target not only had no copies of Civ IV, they didn't even seem to have a place for them. I pondered getting the complete Civ III pack instead, but let it be. I'm probably better off without that degree of crack - listed in the paper as "most likely to end in an intervention" - until dead week or so.

Tomorrow I have not one, but two, family gatherings to go to. First the huge one at lunch of everyone related to my father, and then a smaller one at his sister's house, which is probably a thinly veiled gathering to watch the Broncos/Raiders game. Of all the sick, twisted, things that could intrude on what might otherwise be a perfectly self-respecting holiday, it apparently has to be football. I figure it'd probably be rude to drag my laptop along and tune out the game, even if I did set up the wireless at that house.

I guess I'm only a prolific poster when there's nobody around to witness firsthand what I'm actually doing. Clearly I just need to remember that not everyone on *J is at Mudd.

In other news, I passed a thousand entries somewhere recently and didn't notice. Go me.



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