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June is Pride, and oddly enough, Salt Lake City is no exception. The Latter-Day Transvestites entered a float in the parade, of course. All hell broke loose... )

In other news, I'm looking for a place to live in Sugarhouse. Though I'd prefer my own apartment, one of the cast is looking for people to fill in her house, and the offer is... enticing. I have two weeks to think about it. I need them, too, and something may still appear on Craigslist.

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And (belatedly) thus closes another awesome run of Rocky, marking my fifth. I'm not sure how I'd compare the Emergency Exit Productions stage show against shadowing the movie with the Latter Day Transvestites, except that this was a lot more low-stress. Yes, those of you that thought you'd go insane if this weekend lasted an hour longer, you read that right - it can be worse. Through it all, though, I had a blast, met a lot of awesome people, got my footing in a new city, and am definitely looking forward to next year's run, perhaps even the n years after that.

The run did force me to drop two of my archery days, so when I went back today my string had shrunk all to hell, and my fingers and shoulder had some strong words for me. I was also there when the local definitely-not-SCA chapter came in for their weekly shoot. The two compounders I'd been sharing the range with (a former world champion (I believe) and one of the employees had nothing but words of scorn and derision for them, and I bit my tongue from saying "I think I'd get along better with them than with you." I did try one end where I rmoved Vera's sight and stabilizer and shot that way, but there were two problems with this. One, I didn't take off the extra weight I keep on top of my riser to counterbalance the stabilizer a bit, so was hideously out of line. Two, my arrow rest is simply too small to hold an arrow on its own for any length of time, even my tiny little carbons, so I was shooting with the clicker anyway.

Now I'm busily trying to clean up the place... by which I mean I'm sitting here thinking about how much the place needs cleaning. And furniture. And cats. As it stands, Frances is arriving tomorrow and it looks like we'll be having meals (what we don't get elsewhere, anyway) on the couch, or the floor. Or in bed.

Ok, this post has been sitting here far too long, so off it goes.

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Well, it looks like I'm being placed in Riff for the entire weekend. This is much more than I could have hoped for just a couple months ago when I was joining a cast of strangers, but I'm certainly not complaining. Tonight's drink is rum and orange juice, with some extra sweetening thrown in for the hell of it. I was considering drinking straight rum for the night, but the only useful drink containers I have are Nalgenes, and carrying around six ounces of rum in more than a quart of bottle would just be silly.

Note to self: Get a flask.

I tried to do some work earlier, but spent an hour organizing code rather than writing it. Once I finally got down to writing anything, I had less than a screen of code before the Eng filesystem went down like a Pompeii prostitute. Four labs stopped working just as the football game was ending, so even going home was a pain in the ass.


Oh my.

Oct. 27th, 2006 08:09 pm
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Some of you are familiar with my cream soda recipe. Well, I was feeling experimental, and it's a Rocky night, so I decided to find out what'd happen if I replaced the Sprite with Smirnoff Ice.

Oh dear. That's strong for someone that's let their tolerance lapse as much as I have.

And I have the better part of a litre of it.

Tonight's going to be fun.

(Normally this is the part where I'd plug the show. But there's, um, one person reading this that's (a) in Utah and (b) not already part of it. You know who you are.)

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I am normally loathe to throw out food, but there are times i'll make an exception. For instance, at the grocery store today I got an idea for lunch. "Oh," I declared, "I will simply get a hunk of fresh mozzerella, a tomato, and some basil, and the proportions will be correct for a lunch." This started going downhill when I went looking for basil. The only stuff I could find was universally old and limp, with brown leaves interspersed. Not to be deterred, I got the best box I could find, and returned home with the ingredients. Only when I'd gotten halfway through the plate did it hit me just how dense and fatty that cheese really is. A bit queazy, I optimistically boxed up what was left, but when the thought of it was still making me feel sick four hours later, I figured it'd be better to write it off. This also killed my plan for the night, which had been to cook my usual week's worth of food tonight, so that's been pushed back to tomorrow.

The Latter-Day Transvestites opened their season last night with a performance at Heads Up, a local gay bar. It was a tiny room and tinier stage, so we didn't have a lot to work with; I was also activated from understudy to play Riff. I was there plenty early and had a drink (in other news, I've found that I do in fact like hefeweisen) and spent the show staring around creepily while onstage, or shouting lines while offstage. I did come to regret the latter, though, thanks to the smoky air making things even worse for my throat than usual. Then, this morning, we had dress rehearsal.

Yeah, explain that one to me.

I also neglected much of my grading this week, so had to lock myself to the computer for the afternoon and evening to plow through the assignment before the most recent one. I also have all of the most recent one to do, but it being a not-for-credit assignment, there's under twenty to look at. The advantage to me taking on the entirety of these two assignments is that I can have the other TA grade the entirety of the next one, so I'm not trying to do that over a show weekend. Because, yeah.

Apparently I need an actual Rocky icon. My Dynamic Tension icon feels too much like an archery icon. (Should probably remake that one to have a picture with Vera, instead of the old Mizar.)

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Disjointed and maybe long )



Sep. 22nd, 2006 05:57 pm
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Shock Treatment is officially as cracktastic as advertised. And strangely fitting, too - some well-done jabs at reality television (long before its invention, even), The American Way, and the mental health business.

I think the best line, though, is spoilery )

Now, to find a way to screencap a protected DVD.


A mapping

Sep. 19th, 2006 12:14 pm
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Nerd. Nerd. Nerd. )



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