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This is SO not my day for IDs. First I leave my work badge at home, then manage to drop my driver's license somewhere. Fucking hell.

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The tags list on this is going to be huge, I can tell...

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Oh shit

Mar. 22nd, 2007 01:05 pm
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For the record? An Shuffle doesn't particularly like going through the washing machine.

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(Posted a bit late)

One-day indoor FITA: 18m, 60 arrows
Sponsored shootoff for prizes

I've made a lot of changes to my shooting in the last few months. My form has cleaned up, many things I once considered only an afterthought are now at the top of my mind when I'm on the line, and I have a lot more confidence. It definitely shows. For the first half, I was on the ball. I was consistently shooting 26s and 27s, with hardly any variation, and reached the break with a solid 266 - the best shooting of my life.

Despite my habit of shooting 150 (or even 180) arrows at each practice session, though, I was apparently getting tired. My scores started slipping in the second half, with 25s and 23s appearing. I'd managed to have no particularly bad shots until a 6 on the 17th end, but by then it was looking grim, and for the last end I somehow shot a 17, ending up with 512.

That end will haunt me for weeks. I landed in fourth place. First was 540-some (no contest from me), but second and third were 518 and 517.

I also took a chance and entered the shootoff for a new bowcase (this one with wheels). Despite that poor showing, I shot decently enough, staying in until the 10s round, when I dropped out with an 8, so no new case for me.

I'm writing this from the airport, even if I'll post it elsewhere (Ontario's free wireless doesn't like me, and the pay wireless likes me too much for my tastes) and feel like a complete idiot. I got to the desk and the system couldn't find my reservation - it turned out that I'd made it for March 12th instead of February 12th. As much as I'd love to spend an extra month in Claremont, it'd just not work out. So of course I had to pay for the $50 schedule change that I've had to use far, far too often recently.



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