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And here I thought the DMV was all slow and stuff. I'd gone in to do my registration and new license last week, and they needed a smog check and the Utah title. The smog check was easy enough and the title showed up on Friday, so I took them in with the remaining paperwork today. She looked everything over, reached into a drawer, and handed me my plates.

Ok then. Guess that's dealt with. Now I hope that the voided CO license combined with the paper temporary CA license is enough to get me on payroll and through airport security. If not, I'm fucked.

Speaking of fucked, my boxes have been slowly showing up through Media Mail. The first few seemed ok, but it was a bad sign when two showed up today drowned in packing tape that I didn't add and severely rectagularly-challenged. I cracked open the worst one and surveyed the contents in dismay.

Several of the contained CD cases were smashed, and the contents somehow redistributed. Diablo II and the Command and Conquer Collection were hopelessly intermingled but all still present; Devil May Cry 3 had gone entirely MIA except for disc 5. My unopened Battle for Middle Earth and Sims 2 boxes were unharmed. Alien Crossfire was still there; Cracktauri itself, however, was not. Even stranger, two of my HMC yearbooks seem to have merged into a 1993 Boston University yearbook. Obviously there's some confusion, but I'm not pleased with having my boxes breeding with other people's boxes.

I also seem to have lost track of which boxes were in my media mail set, so there may still be one out there somewhere. It'd explain why my textbook stack and my New Jedi Order stack are somewhat shorter than they probably ought to be.

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Just when I'm having a pretty difficult time finding things to really bitch about, the world goes and drops one in my face. I was at a dinner party last night, and when I came out to go home there was silly string all over my car and a glow stick on the ground underneath it.

I think utter bewilderment defeated the fuming rage that was my other option. I mean ... the hell? I didn't think that it was a neighborhood where this sort of thing might happen. The glow stick adds one more layer of wtf. We got what we could off, considering it was after midnight, and then this morning I think I got the rest off. It didn't seem to be a staining sort of thing.

Do new cars just attract this sort or shenanigan? Had the Subaru's protective layer of dirt and dents shielded me all these years? Did I just get unlucky? And what about the glow stick?

Then I went shooting today, and the serving on my string broke. At least that I can just replace without building a new string.

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We've been through so much together, and helped each other through a lot of hard times. You never forget your first, of course, and it's easy to become attached. But you always knew it couldn't last, and times change, and eventually you do have to move on. And really, she's going on fourteen years old.

For those of you with your minds in the gutter: I'm talking about my car.

As I said, going on fourteen years old, and over 180,000 miles. The air conditioner died sometime in the fall, and why would I fix it? It was cold out! But now it's not, and it would cost nearly a thousand dollars to fix, and I have to drive across the desert and start commuting to work and stuff. And I don't have to deal with hills and snow together. So I'm looking at new cars, and trying to get into my head that I will never again drive that Subaru. The car I learned to drive on, the car I crashed two or three times, the car that carried me across the continental divide countless times. There are a lot of memories in that car, but there's also a lot of dents and rust.

In any case, I'm looking at replacements. There's the possibility of buying my parents' Forester, but that's a mountain car, and probably overkill; then my parents would just need a new ski car to replace it with. My father pointed the 05 Scion xB, but I simply can't get over the fact that I'd be driving a toaster. So I'm heading off to test drive a Honda Fit. If nothing else, I can stil get it in blue with a manual transmission, and stay as true to my automotive roots as possible.

Oh, and school. I graduated and stuff. I've mastered Science and I'm still alive!

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Hey Utah people: on a scale of zero to cheney, how evil is Mark Miller (of thousands of car dealerships fame)? I forget which car dealership guy was the one who's dedicated his life and fortune to homogenizing the entire city...

EDIT: Ah, I was thinking of Larry H. Miller. My question stands, though.



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