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None of the livejournal clients on the android market actually have thee option to comedy to a different server. I user to have one that did, though - but it's not on the market anymore, for no apparent reason. (Besides perhaps the crashes with the hardware keyboard.)

It's still on my nexus one.

This, kids, is why you root your phones.

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The Livejournal website is hideously mobile-unfriendly, did you realize? I'm trying to post from my new G1 and have to zoom out to the point of illegibility just to see the entire text box.

But more importantly, I have a G1. This means I also have a real @phone contract, including free weekends, so no more hesitating to call me! I also now get my email intravenously, among other things. I could also be on IM intravenously, but some idiot has decided that IM should go over SMS instead of data, so that would burn up pretty quick. Will probably not be on that much until there's an app for it that does use data.

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Dammit dammit dammit. No phone for me. STILL. Not even any phone for me at work, where I actually need one. Never mind the want-my-own part.

So lazy.



Aug. 30th, 2008 12:19 am
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My phone decided to give me a scare today. I spend 22 hours out of each day in low service zones (zero or one bar), and if I leave it in the house overnight without plugging in it'll shut off, but normally when it does it'll at least wake up again long enough to tell me its battery was dead. Not this time, though -- it shut off while I was at work (weirdness number one) and didn't respond at all when asked (weirdness number two). It's now plugged in and thinks it's charged. We'll see.

It did get me thinking about finally getting an actual phone plan, though. I've been playing a lot with Android, and it's gotten me warm to the idea of having a smartphone Mobile Computing Platform. That would have me waiting at least another six weeks, or more if I want to go with a company I can get a discounted plan through. How much more is not entirely clear.

Ok, on to the actual point of this post. Frances and I have decided to go to the zoo on Sunday. If anyone's interested in joining us, you'd be more than welcome. There could be dinner and stuff too, whatever, it's a long weekend right?

Oh man it's after midnight.



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