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Gmail's spam filter has started to be broken. I've been getting more and more emails purporting to be from my account, originally to that same account, then .forwarded to gmail. Gmail seems to actually believe the from address, even though the headers show it originating elsewhere, and sending it straight to my inbox.

Is this a sign that my CS account is compromised, and I need to worry, or do I just need to start making specific filters?

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- Site backup utilities that are removed in later versions
- Site backup utilities that may never have worked in the first place
- Site backup utilities that give you files without telling you they're encrypted
- Encrypted files that don't tell you that the filename is the key, instead of just a unique identifier

Heads would roll. Anyone know anything to do with encrypted .sql files?

But in other news, SoultoothIII is reborn as Lagbane-mini, and I get to decide what to do with a web server.

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So Gmail (in Firefox, on my laptop) is having this problem where it's loaing. And that's all. As far as I can tell it's some sort if infinite redirection loop, that it pops up the "Loading..." page, tranfers some data, blinks the links on the top of the screen, then goes right back to loading and waiting again. My work computer had been doing this for a while, and I'd pretty much ignored it, because popping up something else Google in another tab usually broke the cycle. This is not working this time. Clearing out cookies has not helped, nor does stopping the cycle, logging out of Google, and logging back in again. Anyone have any idea what might be happening? I'm not thrilled to have Exploder be my only access to email.

(EDIT: I can also break the cycle by opening iGoogle in another tab and opening a conversation from there, but it's still not something I want to do all the time.)


Moar crack!

Feb. 6th, 2008 09:42 pm
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Who else is on Twitter? I am. Let me know if I should be stalking you there too. I hope I don't get too addicted to it that I start texting it too often.

I decided to go with the Thinkpad. The only downside is that it'll take three weeks to ship.

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What can I do with a MacBook Pro that I couldn't do with a Thinkpad T61? Coverflow and everything related don't make a difference to me.

The airport motif is starting to show up in my dreams again. I don't usually put much stock in dreams, but some things I can't deny to myself. My airport dreams are portents of change, my subconscious acknowledging that things are not going to stay as they are. Not that I need them to tell me this! Last night I also dreamed that someone gave me a motorcycle. It was yellow, and had different sets of brakes for different speeds.

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So I have two separate music problems, both stemming from inferior CD ripping software.

First is as exhibited in this file: A scratch on the CD causes the file to not play properly on an iPod Nano. It plays correctly in iTunes, but the iPod gets a few seconds in, goes silent for a bit, then skips to the next song. All files with this problem are in .mp3 format.

Second is as exhibited in this file: The file metadata read by every player I've tried lists the track length as about twice as long as it actually is. All files with this problem are in .m4a format.

So I'm looking for a music repair utility - something that can open the file, smooth it out so it reads and plays correctly, then save it back with the same filename. This should be something automatable, so I can script it through either Cygwin or Python to run overnight on every song on the computer.

Anyone know of something?

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Linked from QC: a tablet/screen that I'm severely drooling over. I was just looking at tablet PCs today and lamenting the fact that not a single one of them has a decent graphics card, ergo none of them would be good for flying Maya. But this, this would be so much hotness, with the 8800 GTX driving the graphics, an interface in which I could actually do honest-to-god detail work, and a full-sized monitor next door for close-ups. Blarglerearghotttness. Ok, so optimally that'd be my third monitor, but so far I've only got two video outs.

So if you buy me a tablet, I'll make a model of you. Any takers? Anyone?

What if I throw in a pizza?

Um, I suppose if I starting doing modeling for profit as well as fun I'd actually want to have legal copies of Maya and Photoshop. Or get off my ass and actually learn Blender, and stop caring about how much GIMP sucks.

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"Manhat o'clock" has got to be the best CAPCHA phrase I have ever seen.

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There should be more afternoons like this.

Chipotle opened its third Utah location today - this one under a mile from my house. Addict that I am, I headed down into the lunchtime crowds (and quite a crowd it was); by signing up for some spam I seem to have won myself a coupon for a free burrito. Taking my loot to go, I headed a few doors down to the new Sugarhouse Coffee location, settling in with a large hot chocolate, the latest Poly Weekly episode, and a geometry textbook, thoroughly relishing all but one of the above. That, and I may have some progress on the latest assignment (out yesterday, due tuesday, dammit). From there I headed down to the range and got nearly two hundred shots in. From here I think I'm off to bike around the park a while.

Did I mention it's warm and sunny? I can't imagine that it'll last.


Is anyone else having issues with AIM this week? I'm using Pidgin 2.2.2, and keep getting "socker error #10060" (connection timeout) on AIM and ICQ. GTalk, LJTalk, and everything else are working fine, so it's not a firewall issue; older Gaim on my laptop is having a similar problem.

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Useless crap ) The only part of that I think you should care about is that I'm now on Skype, as truememnus. No idea who took memnus; whoever it is has no profile information at all.

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I have hardly any attention span right now - I'm waiting for campaign to start, have laundry in the dryer, two different Google searches up, and the .tex of my geo paper open - and I imagine this entry will reflect that.

Dear DangKid,

You're in CS 2, and your girlfriend is in CS 1 - it's really sweet that you help her with her homework. Really, it is. However, we spend a LOT of time on the differences between arrays and linked lists. While that is new material in CS 1, you should probably know it by now, rather than coming to ask me about it.

No skin of my back,
Your TA

Dear NewEgg,

I realize not all of your stock is in the same place. Even still, did you really need a box that big for just my keyboard and mouse? Seriously, I could hold an entire family of cats in there.

Actually, that'd be pretty cute.

Still no access to recycling,

Computer questions for discussion )

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So, I've ordered a new computer, in ten parts. It'll be fun. The problem, of course, is that I'm running out of names for things. My current naming scheme is pretty scattershot - see the title of this journal for what has passed as a basis in the past - and I think it's time to settle on an actual pattern:
  • LAGBANE: My current desktop, even though the Windows boot doesn't know it. It also very much does not live up to its name; most programs take almost thirty seconds to load in Gnome.
  • SOULTOOTH: My laptop series, now in its fourth incarnation.
  • The Madhouse: Wherever I may be living. Fairly self-explanatory, really.
  • The Sube: My trusty car, still going by the shorthand it went by when I was in high school. The irony of that is that my family drives nothing but Subarus, so it was never the most descriptive name.
  • Vera: My bow, and yes, that means what you think it means (it's [ profile] commodoremarie's fault. Should I ever get another one, it will be named Melody.
  • HAVEN: A recent name, reserved for MP3 players.
Sadly, that's where it runs out. I don't want to attach an entire pattern to someone else's intellectual property (sigh), so that leads me almost directly to naming things after the characters I've ended up playing.

List of doom )

I think from that list I like Skylark best, though finding that folder was quite amusing and a few of those names might actually be useful in the future.

Looking over that list has reminded me of all the games I never did get to play, but really really wanted to. First, anything in the Scarred Lands campaign setting. Second, something involving "gestalt" characaters, a high-power variant where you level in two classes simulatneously and take the features of both.

Wow. That post became something very different than I'd expected. Surprise nostalgia attack!!


Flame bait

Mar. 29th, 2007 02:32 pm
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Getting more serious about building my own computer. It'll be a similar setup to my current box, a dual-boot Windows/Linux system with media on a shared partition. I don't habitually store movies, and at current rates will never be interested in high-definition or protected Content. I rip CDs, but I don't have a problem with 128kbps MP3. I want DirectX 10 and OpenGL 2.0 support, and sometime during the lifespan of this computer I'll have the free time to take advantage of them. I would like to maximize the length of time before products start coming out that will be simply unsupported.

[Poll #956551]

Defend your answer in comments. Particularly, I'd like some alternate opinions on this scathing condemnation of Vista design decisions.
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The tags list on this is going to be huge, I can tell...

Trips to Claremont, past and future )

The fate of HAVEN )

My pentannual computer upgrade )

Gaming )

Archer talk )

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Does anyone know how to clear the DNS/IP cache in Linux (Fedora Core 5, specifically)? My computer is inexplicably convinced that is, which is actually

Sometimes running a whois fixes this, but not often.



Jan. 21st, 2007 01:35 pm
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So, acoording to NewEgg, there is no such thing as a monitor with both DVI and video (any kind) input for a reasonable price. Am I missing something, or is my definiton of reasonable price (~$250) just too low?

EDIT: This is my current target, and I kinda want a new screen soon.

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I've been waking up with sore throats and stuff, and now my lymph nodes are swollen and painful to touch. Thank gods this waited for after the semester. Skiing today was very much out; getting dressed may also be for that matter.

Something seems to have broken my OpenRPG game tree. This is very strange, and the only way I can think of to fix it is by digging down into unparsed XML to see where it went astray. Even more worrisome is that this could have happened in the first place. After a bit of digging, it turns out that the problem is that the Mudd CS filesystem is down. Get that - a few images it wants to load are stored there, and rather than gracefully failing to load them, it gets into a loop of error dialogs. Hoping that's back by tomorrow. (EDIT: It's back.)

Today is also the day when I need to get rid of all my perishables in anticipation of them perishing while I'm gone. The count is: Two one cups of yogurt, three apples, a small amount of Montery Jack cheese, one egg, three fajita-sized tortillas, a fair amount of deli turkey, and a cup or two of milk. There's also about half a head of garlic, several sticks of butter, and eight unopened ounces of cheddar, but those I'm not as worried about. There's also the usual assortment of non-perishables to help make the above tolerable. I am now accepting suggestions as to what to do with my food, before dinnertime comes around and I do something I regret.

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Preface: I have a hard time with the documentation of just about every GNU program I've ever tried to read, so never mind the RTFMs. I'm also too busy with actual work to try to dig this up.

Question: What magic line do I put into a .emacs file to tell it that all files of a certain extension should be read in a certain way? I'd like to apply C-mode syntax highlighting to all *.glsl files I open, without having to type `M-X c-mode' each time I open one.

Thank you,

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Ok, so maybe not fully happy. A bit slow on the startup, both of X itself and of any given program.

As a viable alternative to getting a whole new computer (which is what I'd have to do), this card looks like a pretty nice deal. A GeForce 7-series, in AGP, for under a hundred dollars? I discovered just now that the GeForce 2 doesn't even have a stencil buffer. This makes my graphics homework pretty damn difficult to do from home, when just about all the cool algorithms use either the stencil buffer or full shaders.

I think I also need a memory expansion, but that'd require knowing how many pins this board takes.



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