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Hey, look! It's a Fetish Night that I'm actually in town for! How weird is that?

For those that care about the theme, this month's is "Cyber". I'm trying to decide if I do... and if I can successfully fashion a collar from the ribbon cable that I seem to have lying around.


Being good

Sep. 3rd, 2006 12:58 pm
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I'm going down to Salt Lake Archery, really this time. I'm also going to pay for the month-long shooting pass; that way I'll guilt myself into at least six practice sessions before the Desert Open. EDIT: They have a post on the bulletin board inside that they're open on Sunday... it's a lie.

Discussion question: Which of the following behaviors, repeated for a year, would be worse for my lungs?
a) Living in Salt Lake City, but going to smoking-allowed clubs on a regular basis
b) Living in the Los Angeles basin

(I ended up back at Area 51 last night after all, and was very glad I did. People are cool.)

Next step: Email the climbing email list and find SoC people to go with.

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I ended up staying at Area 51 all the way to closing. I was wandering around feeling vaguely out-of-place for not very long when I was accosted by a small and extremely hyper woman. She obviously felt very much at home there, unlike her two friends, both as new to the place as I. I figured, hey, what the hell, and for the most part stuck with them for the rest of the night. There was sitting around on the patio (more cigarette smoke there than inside, oddly), some dancing (not much at once; by the time the dance floor got crowded the only places with enough room for my style were right under the speakers), and a whole lot of the attention-span loss that I always get in loud crowds of strangers. Eventually we traded phone numbers (why, god, why must normal people use the fucking telephone?) and left at two in the morning. I imagine the Denny's around the corner gets huge business at 2:10. The chaos of the night fuzzed a lot of memories, but some things I do recall:

- On the way in, a drag queen asked me where I acquired the boots.

- Said boots basically force all my weight to the balls of my feet. This does wonderful things for my dancing, if I'm not dancing for very long.

- Thanks to the crowd I fell in with, I was well out of my demographic. At least two women I met were younger than I, had kids at home, and were perfectly happy to be rid of said kids' scum fathers.

- The theme of the night was Uniform Fetish. One guy went so far as to construct a superhero outfit, with pink body, knee and elbow pads, a cape, and POET written across his chest: "There's no justice like poetic justice!" He was playing the part, too.

- One vendor there was selling actual law-enforcement handcuffs. By the time I stopped dithering and decided to buy some, they were gone.

- The vacuum table: Two sheets of latex with a hole for your nose, that they put you between and then suck out all the air. Passersby are then invited to touch you.

- Dancing, and trying to flirt and failing, with various of the people I'd just met.

So, all in all a very good night. Today I slept in until almost noon (on the couch... I'd washed my sheets and not put them back on), lounged around doing reading for Graphics (hardly anything I've not seen before), baked cookies (note to self, get a hand mixer dammit) and tried again to reach the local Rocky troupe. Said troupe rehearses Sunday nights, though, so if I hear back from them FMTG will hate me, a lot. Moving earlier in the day would be best for me, but I think it's no good for others.

Tomorrow, I play Cookie Fairy for the grad lounge.

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So I finally got off my ass and hiked my way down to Area 51, the club that supposedly houses Sanctuary, for goth/industrial. I walked in 9:30/9:45 (I was not carrying a clock or phone, and there didn't seem to be one there) and walked upstairs to th utterly empty dance floor. Unfazed, I let myself loosen up, detached my brain, and danced.

I must have danced for two hours, straight. Eventually people filtered in, and the music got lighter, and soon I was surrounded by the 18+ crowd, listening to a decent 80's-ish playlist, although not particularly well-mixed. Eventually, after a jarring transition from "Head Like a Hole" to "Here Comes Your Man," I realized that I was out of energy, and left. The walk home was far, far more torturous than the walk down, being uphill and all, but I drifted all the way and got back here by 12:20. If I didn't have to be up in the morning... and had more cash, and a better understanding of bar tipping ettiquette... I probably would have got a drink, had a seat, and people-watched for a while. As it was, though, the evening was excellent for me. I've been sleeping poorly, but I don't think that'll be a problem tonight.



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