Jun. 2nd, 2009 10:05 pm
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  • ACG today released an updated version of Neocore to the Android market. It is fully certified to run correctly under Cupcake (or rather, I've certified it so) and is otherwise no different from the previous version. I'm sure you care.
  • The chain on my necklace broke yet again, this time in a way I can't just push it back together. Until I find a new chain, I'm going with braided cotton string for a while.
  • With a couple exceptions, I pretty much want to skip over June and make it July. On second thought, no, weekends in June will still be awesome. It's the weekdays I wouldn't mind skipping. Course, that could go for most months.
  • I finally quit my online D&D game. I'd been playing with that group, as people came and went, for almost ten years.
  • I may actually be digging up the motivation to start getting in shape; the problem is then digging up the time. Some of my coworkers are doing midafternoon gym trips, which might actually work.
  • Relatedly, though, it's surprising how much getting home an hour later in the evenings affects my mood (for the worse).
  • I have some thoughts brewing about livejournal, twitter, facebook, coworkers (/managers), and openness. I'm not sure how they're organized yet.
  • Every now and then the universe reminds me just how thankful I should be for what I've been given. It's ... discomforting.
  • I have two dreamwidth invites if anyone wants them. Claimed!
  • If I were still editing FunWiki, I would add "$(IntentionalCommunity) completion run" to BadIdea. But there's also plenty of completion runs there already.

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So, I've ordered a new computer, in ten parts. It'll be fun. The problem, of course, is that I'm running out of names for things. My current naming scheme is pretty scattershot - see the title of this journal for what has passed as a basis in the past - and I think it's time to settle on an actual pattern:
  • LAGBANE: My current desktop, even though the Windows boot doesn't know it. It also very much does not live up to its name; most programs take almost thirty seconds to load in Gnome.
  • SOULTOOTH: My laptop series, now in its fourth incarnation.
  • The Madhouse: Wherever I may be living. Fairly self-explanatory, really.
  • The Sube: My trusty car, still going by the shorthand it went by when I was in high school. The irony of that is that my family drives nothing but Subarus, so it was never the most descriptive name.
  • Vera: My bow, and yes, that means what you think it means (it's [ profile] commodoremarie's fault. Should I ever get another one, it will be named Melody.
  • HAVEN: A recent name, reserved for MP3 players.
Sadly, that's where it runs out. I don't want to attach an entire pattern to someone else's intellectual property (sigh), so that leads me almost directly to naming things after the characters I've ended up playing.

List of doom )

I think from that list I like Skylark best, though finding that folder was quite amusing and a few of those names might actually be useful in the future.

Looking over that list has reminded me of all the games I never did get to play, but really really wanted to. First, anything in the Scarred Lands campaign setting. Second, something involving "gestalt" characaters, a high-power variant where you level in two classes simulatneously and take the features of both.

Wow. That post became something very different than I'd expected. Surprise nostalgia attack!!

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Long, formatted for tikiwiki, and boring )

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Yes, I know what date it is.

I want all this discussion OFF my gaming table, RIGHT FUCKING NOW.


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How does one go about planning a campaign?

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Gaming rules nitpicking )



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