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For the tournament this weekend, I'm getting HUGE mixed messages. First of all, word on the street is that all tournaments this year will be Olympic rounds only: all 70m, all the time. Naturally, this is all I have a sight setting for. The info online, though, claims that this weekend is a full 90-70-50-30 FITA round. Second, and even weirder, everything I've found claims that the first three distances are on Saturday, and the fourth on Sunday -- according to others, this is simply not allowed for an Official Tournament. It's not just a field I've never shot at, it's an airport I've never flown through. On top of all that, I've having serious string issues, and practice simply hasn't been up to snuff for a while. I'm calling this a dry run for the next couple ... and I'll be back to the string jig, over and over and over again. Ugh.

Weirder dreams than usual, last night, or more explicit anyway. There were people staying somewhere with pretty much a no-visitors policy, but I was there anyway; there was someone else in the room but there was still the start of a menage a trois. We were found and I was sent out, or at least downstairs; I was going to go to sleep but it was games night. I had Munchkin, or Fluxx, but the box actually contained a Magic deck. I headed outside, and it was 3 in the morning but still light and warm. It had something to do with the moon being destroyed, or something. The particularly odd thing was that most of the people were actually people I know, instead of the usual generic human entities I dream about...

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What can I do with a MacBook Pro that I couldn't do with a Thinkpad T61? Coverflow and everything related don't make a difference to me.

The airport motif is starting to show up in my dreams again. I don't usually put much stock in dreams, but some things I can't deny to myself. My airport dreams are portents of change, my subconscious acknowledging that things are not going to stay as they are. Not that I need them to tell me this! Last night I also dreamed that someone gave me a motorcycle. It was yellow, and had different sets of brakes for different speeds.

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(Day 2 was adventures at the DMV. Never mind that.)

The giant storm was supposed to move in yesterday. It didn't. After waking up from a bizarre dream... well... might as well give that one a paragraph, but well.

wtf? )

Uh, yeah. I got up from that to stare out my window at total whiteout. Extremely glad I didn't have to be anywhere, I headed to breakfast, and Dad declared the new strategy on the lake: Completely melt it, and let it refreeze from scratch. That's right, it's a writeoff for the year. Anyway, with about a foot down and no end in sight, it was a time for at least an intermediate plowing; Dad took the tractor to get the driveway as a whole, while Mom and I took the snowblowers to the area around the house and the garage. My new jacket definitely proved its worth, even though the expression "spitting into the wind" takes on a new meaning when you're using a ten-horsepower drill to do the spitting. Considering that an inch accumulated between "shoveling out to the garage to warm up the tractor" and "turning the tractor on," I suspect I'll be in for a repeat performance sometime before dark.

It's neat to watch, still, and I'm afraid I have no camera to show all of my warm-climate readers, and I don't think I could do it justice anyway.

Tomorrow afternoon, I have a dentist appointment in town. That's going to be a fun drive, isn't it?



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