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Aug. 31st, 2008 02:28 pm
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Zoo trip postponed until tomorrow! We also have four "five dollars off adult admission" coupons available to first takers. So there.

Meanwhile, Schmack has returned to me a missing part of my childhood! Glee! And all I have to say about Red Alert 3 is, "Is is RTS? Or is it porn?"

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I have obviously been playing too much Half-Life 2. (It's for a class! I can stop any time I want! I'll have to eventually anyway!) Even more obviously, my GIMP priveleges should be revoked after a certain hour.


Not content

Jan. 9th, 2008 12:03 am
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I find myself in a position where I can write Turrent / Weighted Companion Cube slash.

And animate it.

For homework.

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Frances was here and gone. Rocky's half done. I have a week left in this house until I have to move, and simply have not started packing (though the aforementioned Frances took away some kitchen stuff I won't need). This would be the perfect time for a power cycle and reset ... would that I could do that on command.

I'd like to take a moment to be grateful for my instinctive sense of balance, that stays with me even when drunk. As I was jumping around on stage last night, the (five-inch) heel on my left boot broke, hanging on by just a flap of pleather. I managed to hang on through the scene and the credits, but now it's got superglue splashed into it and I don't know if I can trust it.

I vaguely want something mindless to do. NWN2 would take too much thought, I'd rather not play DMC3 on the keyboard again, and I beat Half-Life. Currently working on downloading Half-Life 2, but it's huge. I do want to see what Skylark can do with it, though.

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While it's nice to be able to (legitimately!) play Half-Life 2 on lab computers, it'd be even nicer to be able to do so without getting motion sick.

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Zangband bug (2.7.4c) ) My biggest beef with Zangband so far is the difficulty of getting going (at least for magic users). You start with two SP, maybe three if you're lucky, can't swing a dagger for crap, and the stores are usually flat out of rounded pebbles, never mind arrows. Stepping out of the town is, of course, instant death.

Starting the book tonight, grading is done and tomorrow's a holiday. Perfect.

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So, I've ordered a new computer, in ten parts. It'll be fun. The problem, of course, is that I'm running out of names for things. My current naming scheme is pretty scattershot - see the title of this journal for what has passed as a basis in the past - and I think it's time to settle on an actual pattern:
  • LAGBANE: My current desktop, even though the Windows boot doesn't know it. It also very much does not live up to its name; most programs take almost thirty seconds to load in Gnome.
  • SOULTOOTH: My laptop series, now in its fourth incarnation.
  • The Madhouse: Wherever I may be living. Fairly self-explanatory, really.
  • The Sube: My trusty car, still going by the shorthand it went by when I was in high school. The irony of that is that my family drives nothing but Subarus, so it was never the most descriptive name.
  • Vera: My bow, and yes, that means what you think it means (it's [ profile] commodoremarie's fault. Should I ever get another one, it will be named Melody.
  • HAVEN: A recent name, reserved for MP3 players.
Sadly, that's where it runs out. I don't want to attach an entire pattern to someone else's intellectual property (sigh), so that leads me almost directly to naming things after the characters I've ended up playing.

List of doom )

I think from that list I like Skylark best, though finding that folder was quite amusing and a few of those names might actually be useful in the future.

Looking over that list has reminded me of all the games I never did get to play, but really really wanted to. First, anything in the Scarred Lands campaign setting. Second, something involving "gestalt" characaters, a high-power variant where you level in two classes simulatneously and take the features of both.

Wow. That post became something very different than I'd expected. Surprise nostalgia attack!!

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The tags list on this is going to be huge, I can tell...

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Everyone else has got more Wii than me. :(

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After two finals yesterday, I am finally on break. Here's the plan:

Fly to Denver on Monday (jury duty on Tuesday, dentist on Thursday, various family events)
Fly to LA on the 28th
Fly back here late on the 2nd, Frances in tow
Frances here until the 10th or so

Today is for laziness, tomorrow i may go skiing if I feel up to it. Meanwhile I've been playing Neverwinter Nights a bit recently, with a downloaded module that tries to give the roguelike experience - no plot, all combat, randomized levels. It doesn't really work particularly well, but is kinda fun regardless.

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ToME 2.3.1 )

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I came home this winter, as is my wont, with as little as possible - backpack with books to be read, carryon-sized duffel with a DDR pad and a few choice pieces of clothing.

I'm going back, tomorrow, with two checked bags.

1: Hardfill for DDR pad, clothing wrapped around pad to protect awkward corners, giant blanket wrapped around everything.
2: DDR pad, RoboRally, some of the books I either brought back or acquired here, a manicure kit (still something of a WTF item to me), what little clothing I have that's too nice to be used as padding, Hilary's extra clothes, and yet another pillow.

The second suitcase in fact matches another suitcase I already have, and Dad said he'd rather it be thrown away - the two belonged to my great-grandmother. Such a sentimental person, my father.

How do I get this much stuff? For my last semester, no less.



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