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Today is National Coming Out Day. There are many things that I am, and that I have no particluar wish to hide. In honor of those that could lose more by being open - be it jobs, family, health, or even life - than I would, I say this is what I am. I am not the only one.

I am polyamorous. I reject love and partnership as a matter of possession, or a zero-sum game, and ask no exclusivity of my lovers. My partner has a girlfriend on the east coast, and she and I are slowly becoming lovers as well. I have dated and loved others even as my partner and I build a lasting life together. I don't believe in a single "right" way to organize a relationship: there are many ways people can exist together, as friends or partners or lovers or anything else or any combination thereof; only some of them are mutually incompatible. It is work, it is negotiation and communication and empathy and scheduling, but it is worth every minute and every month.

I am sex-positive. I believe that every act of pleasure, when there is no harm done and everyone involved gives enthusiastic informed consent, is a joyful thing to be celebrated. Nobody should be condemned or shamed for who they love, or how they lust. Over and over again, we've seen what happens when they are - and for every one you hear about, how many go invisible? Furthermore, I refuse to restrict sensuality and pleasure to certain acts performed with particular organs.

If the theme is not yet clear it is this: The only thing it is wrong to do is to do harm. To bury and deny your own desires is to harm yourself; to forcibly shape another into someone they are not is to harm them. That is how I live, and that is who I am.

I have been privilieged in that I could grow this way, truly into myself, without fear or shame. I strive to pass that onward into the world now, and hereby ask that you do the same: if a boy would rather play dress-up than baseball, if a girl wants to help change the oil in the car, if a child refuses to be boy or girl at all: LET THEM. There will never be enough convenient boxes to fit everybody into. The harder you try, the more people will only be broken against the corners.

Go in peace.

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Sometimes the future comes at you a lot faster than you expect. Frances and I are moving to Seattle. At first we'd thought it would be in August sometime, but then we took a look at some schedules and ran some numbers.

We'll be moving in the second week of June.

Those with calendars in sight, or an innate sense of it currently being the first week of May, will note that's about five weeks away. This is terrifyingly short for a lot of reasons, but at least seems to be the right amount of time to look for rentals and arrange movers.

Most immediately, we're flying up this weekend to look at apartments. Until then, we're trawling Craigslist trying to build up a list of places to take a look at. We need a place on bus routes, both to UW for Frances and to downtown for me. At first glance that means Fremont, Wallingford, Greenlake, Eastlake, and Capitol Hill, all of which have places within our price range, but there are things we can't tell from the maps. Any Seattle locals have any advice on areas we should avoid? How do different latitudes in Capitol Hill compare? Any other areas we might be overlooking?

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EDIT: The code in question seems to be removed or disabled, or is somehow no longer in effect. People that care a lot more about this than I do are working on it at Internet-speed. Even still, it's not clear how long this went on.

No really. Stop, right now.

Except this one: Here's why. Arguably, that's a link within Livejournal, so you can still click on it. But just stop. It looks like Livejournal is stripping out affiliate codes, silently redirecting through an invisible third site, and otherwise not being good internet citizens.

I've watched Livejournal pull a bunch of stupid shit before, and shrugged, but this breaks it for me. My paid membership will expire, I'll happily upload all my favorite icons to Dreamwidth, and probably start sending money over there too. I may even start posting again, but don't get your hopes up on that one.

If anyone has found the magic recipe for piping to, including all items that the viewer should be allowed to see, I'd appreciate it, and I imagine others would too.

I hope that this will all get reversed, and maybe even we'll get an apology ambiguously-worded news post saying they hadn't thought through all the consequences of their actions. But I don't think even that will bring me back. This move crosses a line. All the previous shit has been sketchy, whether in privacy, or abuse of power, but not measurable. This time, it's outright theft.

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For those already familiar with the music of S.J. Tucker: Mark your calendars! SJ will be playing at Madhouse-at-Camelot on Sunday, February 21st, at 6:00 PM. All are welcome! RSVP through SJ's website.

For those that haven't yet heard of her, there's a lot you're missing. S.J. Tucker, a.k.a. Skinny White Chick, is a Folk Rock Pixie Pirate Mythpunk Storyteller, taking the country by storm, spreading music and delight wherever she roams - and she has been on the road since 2004, showing no sign of slowing down. If you dare try to classify her style you might call it "Celtic Blues", while her instrumental and vocal talents earn comparisons to Joni Mitchell, Ani DiFranco, Dar Williams, and Jeff Buckley. She has one of the most phenomenal voices I've ever heard, a talent for writing intricate and unforgettable lyrics, and a guitar that seems to have a life all of its own.

All of SJ's music may be listened to via streaming audio for free, with purchase and download links as well. A few of my personal favorites:

The Wendy Trilogy: Part I, Part II, Part III. Wendy gets fed up with Peter Pan and runs off to be a pirate instead.
Weightless: Perfectly captures the feeling of a new lover walking into your world and turning it upside-down.
City Of Marrow: Dark and haunting, inspired by the shrivelled city in Catherynne M. Valente's Orphan's Tales series.

Picking out just these songs was immensely difficult - it's hard to give a representative sample of SJ's work without just pointing you to the site and saying, "Listen to it all! Come back tomorrow!" In less than a year that [ profile] quartzpebble have been listening, SJ's music has brightened our life, opening out eyes to entire new worlds. Now it will be our great honor to have her play in our home, and to share that with you.

RSVP link

For more information on SJ Tucker:

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My team actually released something to the Android market today! It's called Neocore and it's a graphics benchmark that uses some of the shiny effects you should can see in games. The entirety of the market so far has been full of stuff that could have been written in flash, and the comments really reflect it (oh god it's only been five hours there are 385 reviews). The comments boil down to two things:

- That looks awesome! (Subcategories: suck it iPhone, this is why I got a G1, why aren't there games that look like this?)
- WTF is the point of this? (Some people don't understand the term 'benchmark')

Rating is sitting at 4.5 starts. This makes a lot of the lamest, geekiest parts of me happy.

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Escondido Renaissance Faire, next weekend. I'm going on Sunday.

Pacific Coast Pirate Faire, in San Diego Vista Dec. 6th and 7th. I'll forget this if I don't make a note.

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The Livejournal website is hideously mobile-unfriendly, did you realize? I'm trying to post from my new G1 and have to zoom out to the point of illegibility just to see the entire text box.

But more importantly, I have a G1. This means I also have a real @phone contract, including free weekends, so no more hesitating to call me! I also now get my email intravenously, among other things. I could also be on IM intravenously, but some idiot has decided that IM should go over SMS instead of data, so that would burn up pretty quick. Will probably not be on that much until there's an app for it that does use data.



Aug. 31st, 2008 02:28 pm
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Zoo trip postponed until tomorrow! We also have four "five dollars off adult admission" coupons available to first takers. So there.

Meanwhile, Schmack has returned to me a missing part of my childhood! Glee! And all I have to say about Red Alert 3 is, "Is is RTS? Or is it porn?"



Aug. 30th, 2008 12:19 am
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My phone decided to give me a scare today. I spend 22 hours out of each day in low service zones (zero or one bar), and if I leave it in the house overnight without plugging in it'll shut off, but normally when it does it'll at least wake up again long enough to tell me its battery was dead. Not this time, though -- it shut off while I was at work (weirdness number one) and didn't respond at all when asked (weirdness number two). It's now plugged in and thinks it's charged. We'll see.

It did get me thinking about finally getting an actual phone plan, though. I've been playing a lot with Android, and it's gotten me warm to the idea of having a smartphone Mobile Computing Platform. That would have me waiting at least another six weeks, or more if I want to go with a company I can get a discounted plan through. How much more is not entirely clear.

Ok, on to the actual point of this post. Frances and I have decided to go to the zoo on Sunday. If anyone's interested in joining us, you'd be more than welcome. There could be dinner and stuff too, whatever, it's a long weekend right?

Oh man it's after midnight.

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I know that most of you are not California voters, and of the California voters reading this the vast majority don't need to be told, but seriously people. I'm going to make this extremely brief.

Vote NO on 8.

I was watching the Pride parade today, and one theme that appeared over and over was "Just Married." Usually in the context of "27 years together - just married!" For each one that would go by, I teared up a bit more (even before I had sunscreen in my eyes). The idea that people want to destroy that nearly makes me sick.

I know I don't need to tell you this. But I'm telling you anyway.

Vote NO on 8.



Feb. 21st, 2008 04:55 pm
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Dear CS[5|6]966 lecturers,

The singular of the word vertices is vertex. There is NO SUCH THING as a 'verticee'. I don't even know how you're trying to spell that word you keep saying. It hurts me every time you use it, and you have been doing this for long enough that you really, really should know better. The correct word even shows up on the screen in Maya every time you switch selection modes. Please read it as written.

Thank you,


Moar crack!

Feb. 6th, 2008 09:42 pm
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Who else is on Twitter? I am. Let me know if I should be stalking you there too. I hope I don't get too addicted to it that I start texting it too often.

I decided to go with the Thinkpad. The only downside is that it'll take three weeks to ship.

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It's the last week of school before fall break. Somehow, I don't have any major homework - just a meeting after HCI today to hammer through the latest assignment in that class - but I feel antsy to Do Something. I want to go climbing, I think. Or I want to throw some rope, tie something up. Or I want to take down the new riser I've had my eyes on and start setting it up (nothing like being told a week before a tournament that your hardware needs replacing). Something, anything but sitting around school all day.

Office hours are going to be crazy busy today. Not only do people have their first threads assignment (with STL thrown in for the hell of it) due tomorrow, but they also have a midterm on Thursday to add to the panic! I might also have a midterm of my own coming up; I honestly don't know. Would be good to be warned about it.

I'll be in the LA area next weekend. Anyone going to be bored?

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From the British Medical Journal: Abstinence-only programmes don't work. Can I get a "no shit," over here? For that matter, can I get you to spread the word? (I almost wrote "If you're reading this right now, and oppose STIs and unplanned pregnancies, repost this link in your journal.")

That's about all I have to say over here. It's nearly my vacation time: I'll be in Colorado from the 5th to the 11th, and San Diego from the 13th to the 18th. Food?



Apr. 13th, 2007 08:03 am
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Going off the radar for the weekend. If you'd like to get in touch with me before Sunday, feel free to do so out-of-band.

Especially if you're in Claremont.

Take on me, bitches!"

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Back when I was a wee lad, my dad got an exercise machine to but in our basement. It mostly just sat there collecting dust, even though he spent several hours (over the course of a few years) trying to get the three men in the family (including himself) to make a habit out of using it. Needless to say, none of us ever did, but I distinctly remember that I had significantly better lower body strength than upper. I could do probably twice to three times as much weight on leg lifts than I could basically anywhere else.

Tonight, I went down to my complex's (complice's?) Fitness Center to poke around, after a good experience with a free day pass to The Front on Monday. After discovering that no, treadmills don't like me, and I don't exactly have a runner's aerobic endurance, I threw myself upon the mercy of the modern torture device weight machine.

Funny how things change. Either this machine's weights were inaccurate, or my father's machine's weights were innacurate (neither possibility one I'd discount), or I've managed to lose leg strength since I was eleven years old. That's right, my lazy-ass prepubescent self may have had better legs than my current self that walks nearly two miles each day.

Or maybe I'm just misremembering.

In any case, it's time for me to lock down the things I need to focus on for the weekend. If I can keep myself from getting sloppy, and shoot at peak performance all weekend, I'll be looking at a placement that people will notice. To that end, I have a list.
  • Breathing. Long, deep, and steady - in as I lift the bow, out as I draw.
  • Posture. Keep my chest straight, and my shoulders directly above my hips. The more I drift left, the uglier things get.
  • Balance. My feet should be supporting equal weight.
  • Correct muscle use. If I feel the pull in my back at full draw, my release will be straight and clean and my hand will go toward my ear instead of my collarbone.
Really, looking at the results that are already out is not particularly productive, but I looked anyway. Out of twelve (or so) locations around the country, only two have posted, and only one has anyone in my division.

For those in the area that think of archery as a spectator sport, Salt Lake Archery is at 1130 E. Wilmington, across from the Wild Oats in Sugarhouse. Scoring starts at 2:00 Saturday and Sunday, and will probably go until 5 or 6; I'll probably be there by 12:30 or 1:00.

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There's finally a date available for the Golden Chalice: February 11th. That's three weeks from now, a Sunday, at 1 pm (at least, the line I'll be shooting). Registration forms aren't up, yet, but have you ever known me to miss a chance to come down to Claremont and shoot? No. I'll be there. Still no word on the LA Indoor.

Claremont people, can I ask a favor? Could you find out if anyone's planning on going, and put them in touch with me so I can negotiate for a ride? My going rate is a batch of cookies, and I take requests.

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After two finals yesterday, I am finally on break. Here's the plan:

Fly to Denver on Monday (jury duty on Tuesday, dentist on Thursday, various family events)
Fly to LA on the 28th
Fly back here late on the 2nd, Frances in tow
Frances here until the 10th or so

Today is for laziness, tomorrow i may go skiing if I feel up to it. Meanwhile I've been playing Neverwinter Nights a bit recently, with a downloaded module that tries to give the roguelike experience - no plot, all combat, randomized levels. It doesn't really work particularly well, but is kinda fun regardless.


Some things

Dec. 9th, 2006 09:41 pm
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I don't get it.

I'm not content, right now. It's not even the discontent that I've been fighting since June; I know what that is, from whence it comes, and that there's not a damn thing I can do about it. No, this is something very different. Somewhere within me there's a stash of unfamiliar restless energy that's sick of sitting ignored, and now begging for attention. Unfortunately its cries are not particularly coherent, and I haven't the faintest clue what I'm actually supposed to do with it.

I finished my graphics final, this afternoon. It's not perfect - it's distressingly unstable when dealing with foreign bodies, and lacking the two fancy interface options I'd considered - but it's still pretty. Once I go home, I headed out looking for ski clothes.

For those not from around here, the LDS church gets very into the Christmas decorating thing... and they're good at it, too. Apart from the several different Nativity scenes in the styles of cultural scenes, Temple Square is actually quite pleasant to trek through at night this time of year. Add to that fact that today was unseasonably warm, and a Saturday, and you get pretty thick crowds. I pushed through them, headed for the upscale-bland shopping district a few blocks west. (I know that I should have headed for local businesses instead. I did - two, on the way to school to do work earlier. Neither had a decent selection of helmets, or jackets anywhere near my price range.)

I normally balk at crowds, but apparently not tonight. As I wove my way between families, dodging small children and stepping around photo shoots, I felt nothing but a detached calm and bemusement. Even digging around in Homogeneous Sporting Goods, in a state where the War on Christmas wasn't so much fought as laughed at and the music in retail was much more than just Secular Holiday Boredom, I didn't feel my usual instinct to escape, to flee. I had the task at hand, but the rest of my consciousness was too far away to be bothered.

It still hasn't reported back, or let me know what it's been up to this entire time.

Meanwhile, those two webcomics that I was raving about however long ago continue to show me just why they're worthy of me actually owning their print compilations. I recently acquired On the Origin of PCs, and put in an order for the now-back-in-print Narbonic: Volume 2, which will complete my collections of the two... until Narbonic 4 comes out next year.

I suppose on that note I should make it plain now, and please, please, please do not take any offense at this: Now that it is That Gifting Season, I will humbly request that you do not buy me anything. My reasons for this are many, and not particularly coherent. I'm not very good at accepting gifts graciously, and even worse at giving gifts, and it's a whole section of social politics that I simply prefer to remain outside of.

For those that haven't heard, my little phone was having screen issues, so I finally went and got a new one. Unfortunately, Virgin Mobile doesn't have any tool besides The Hard Way for transferring phone numbers between phones. I copied what I believe to be the important ones, but if you feel like I ought to have yours, let me know:

[Poll #885639]




May. 15th, 2006 11:43 am
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So I guess I'm all graduated and bachelorified now. Yet I'm still in Claremont, bumming in the lounge, complete with the nagging feeling that I ought to be doing ... something. That something is archery practice, I suppose, although I only slept about four hours last night and have already learned my lesson about shooting after that. Nearly everything I own is packed into my car, sitting in the hot sunshine. I'm not altogether sure whether to be worried about that or not, unfortunately. It's a dark car with not a lot of air left in in, but the windows are a bit open which can tend to make it behave. I also seem to not have the attention span even to work consistently on this entry, instead setting it aside to check on stuff that really hasn't changed all that much, and kinda forgetting it. It's naturally a slow time for email, there's only so many webcomics that I check and I don't tend to go for new ones without committing to read the archives which I don't have attention span for, and there's only so much I can do about finding a damn place to live.

The next few days will be ... odd. I need to shift myself into tournament focus, but my focus works best when it can be backgrounded as I do other stuff that takes all my attention. Now, I don't have any such distraction. My desktop's packed, and it teand to have the more long-term distracting stuff - I've got a few interest pics to catch up on, but the desktop's best for that, and even Maya seems to be crapped out on SoultoothIII. I apparently also get to learn if cats is in fact one of the allergies I developed this year...



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