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I made it safely into San Francisco with no trouble at all (other than perhaps a foolish lack of sleep). The flight was on time, I had a window seat despite Southwest not letting me check in online, and there was only a little roughness on the initial descent. From my front door to my hotel room was under four and a half hours.

Have I mentioned lately that I absolutely love mass transit when it's competently implemented? Hint: If a city has an airport and a rail system, the latter should have a stop at the former.

After an hour to tune in to new surroundings, I grabbed a bite to eat on the way to the Cartoon Art Museum (that last time I was in the city I cursed myself for forgetting). They naturally have an exhibit on Watchmen, including original pages as well as movie props and costumes.

They also have a gift shop.

With books.

I, um, finished out my hard-copy collection of Narbonic, and picked up the first three volumes of Digger. They had Girl Genius as well, but I've already ordered that.

So now I could do three things for the afternoon:

- Explore more of the city
- Actually get some productive work done on my taxes
- Sit by the window and take in the pretty.

Guess which I'm picking, for a bit at least?

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The time and date in this xkcd is coming up on Sunday. As far as I can tell on Google Maps, it's a basketball court in North Cambridge. Anyone feel like checking it out, in true xkcd style, and letting me know what happens?

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Ok, raise your hand if today's xkcd hits just a little too close to home.

I know I'm not the only one, people.

I seriously laughed so hard I cried.


Some things

Dec. 9th, 2006 09:41 pm
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I don't get it.

I'm not content, right now. It's not even the discontent that I've been fighting since June; I know what that is, from whence it comes, and that there's not a damn thing I can do about it. No, this is something very different. Somewhere within me there's a stash of unfamiliar restless energy that's sick of sitting ignored, and now begging for attention. Unfortunately its cries are not particularly coherent, and I haven't the faintest clue what I'm actually supposed to do with it.

I finished my graphics final, this afternoon. It's not perfect - it's distressingly unstable when dealing with foreign bodies, and lacking the two fancy interface options I'd considered - but it's still pretty. Once I go home, I headed out looking for ski clothes.

For those not from around here, the LDS church gets very into the Christmas decorating thing... and they're good at it, too. Apart from the several different Nativity scenes in the styles of cultural scenes, Temple Square is actually quite pleasant to trek through at night this time of year. Add to that fact that today was unseasonably warm, and a Saturday, and you get pretty thick crowds. I pushed through them, headed for the upscale-bland shopping district a few blocks west. (I know that I should have headed for local businesses instead. I did - two, on the way to school to do work earlier. Neither had a decent selection of helmets, or jackets anywhere near my price range.)

I normally balk at crowds, but apparently not tonight. As I wove my way between families, dodging small children and stepping around photo shoots, I felt nothing but a detached calm and bemusement. Even digging around in Homogeneous Sporting Goods, in a state where the War on Christmas wasn't so much fought as laughed at and the music in retail was much more than just Secular Holiday Boredom, I didn't feel my usual instinct to escape, to flee. I had the task at hand, but the rest of my consciousness was too far away to be bothered.

It still hasn't reported back, or let me know what it's been up to this entire time.

Meanwhile, those two webcomics that I was raving about however long ago continue to show me just why they're worthy of me actually owning their print compilations. I recently acquired On the Origin of PCs, and put in an order for the now-back-in-print Narbonic: Volume 2, which will complete my collections of the two... until Narbonic 4 comes out next year.

I suppose on that note I should make it plain now, and please, please, please do not take any offense at this: Now that it is That Gifting Season, I will humbly request that you do not buy me anything. My reasons for this are many, and not particularly coherent. I'm not very good at accepting gifts graciously, and even worse at giving gifts, and it's a whole section of social politics that I simply prefer to remain outside of.

For those that haven't heard, my little phone was having screen issues, so I finally went and got a new one. Unfortunately, Virgin Mobile doesn't have any tool besides The Hard Way for transferring phone numbers between phones. I copied what I believe to be the important ones, but if you feel like I ought to have yours, let me know:

[Poll #885639]


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Ok, I've noticed that Halloween is an abnormally big deal in Utah, but spending all month leading up to today's Schlock Mercenary? Perhaps a bit overboard.

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(It has come to my attention that most people I deal with now are not aware of the usage of the word "crack" that I have acquired. Stemming from "Evercrack", the notion of crack quickly expanded to include all engrossing video games, and even beyond that to any sort of shiny activity that takes up time that would be better spent on more fruitful pursuits.)

On a quest for solid, yet fluffy, reading material, I've recently purchased a few webcomic compilations of the comics that have been truly, truly inspired recently. First up was Narbonic books. These include volumes 1 and 3, 2 being out of print and out of stock for the forseeable future. It makes something of an abrupt jump in that missing year, too, since Narbonic has never been exactly slow-moving. I'm hoping that volume 2 reprints about when 4 appears, so I can combine another two purchases. As an added bonus, all Narbonic books are personally signed my the author. Also on the list was Order of the Stick, volumes 1 and 2, with 0 on order but delayed indefinitely. That's right, I now have the evilgasm comic in print. The OotS books are huge and meaty, too, with commentary from the author on his storytelling process that assumes you've read the strip already.

I'll admit - I wish I had a true storytelling talent. The skills that I do have rarely excite me... I would much, much rather be Shaenon Garrity or Rich Burlew than Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.



Sep. 20th, 2006 11:36 pm
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I think Arbuckle is perhaps one of the most strangely beautiful things I've seen in the webcomic world lately. From the mind of the same guy that wrote 1/0, the idea is to redraw Garfield with the same scripts, but without seeing what Garfield is thinking. (The original idea was to draw it in a realistic style, but many of the artists have thrown that part out.) Not only is it a wonderful example of Fair Use, it also makes for a wonderful statement about stagnation in syndicated comics. I mean, seriously, Garfield is going on thirty years old now, to the best of my knowledge without a damn thing happening. In my regular reading I've got at least two entire universes in serious danger of destruction, countless planets have gone through the same risk (some faring better than others), and plenty of jokes that are actually funny.

(I suppose I should get an updated count of my reading. Accounting for erratic schedules, it seems to be somewhere around 150 updates per week.)


A mapping

Sep. 19th, 2006 12:14 pm
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Nerd. Nerd. Nerd. )



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